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We present a novel approach for amino acid motif searching termed Wregex (weighted regular expression), which combines regular expressions with a Position-Specific Scoring Matrix (PSSM). Results can be easily complemented with predictions on mutation impact and/or with experimental PTM information.

Home The Wregex home page.
Search Search motifs in protein sequences provided as an input fasta file. The motif can be selected from a dropdown list or a custom motif can be provided by the user by entering a regular expression and an optional PSSM. This PSSM can be built using the Training page.
Charts Browse charts with most interesting Wregex motif candidates.
Training Build a custom PSSM by providing a regular expression and a set of training motifs. Please read first the user manual to get familiar with matching groups in Wregex regular expressions.
Documentation Here there is the user manual and a paper explaining the details of the Wregex algorithm.
Downloads Wregex is free software and licensed under the GPL. In this page you can find a link to the source code and the binary redistributable.
About Publications and authors.

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